When people use them as a doctor prescribes, benzodiazepines can bring back the quality of life for the user. The problem is sedatives are also a favorite substance within the drug abusing community of misguided people. Therefore, in the wrong hands, benzos can be quite dangerous. That’s the very reason benzo addiction rehab centers exist. People need them when their substance abuse suddenly turns into an addiction.

The Charter of Our Benzo Addiction Rehab Center

Man meets with a therapist at the best benzo addiction rehab center southern CA offersAt Phoenix Rising Recovery, we see people enter our facility with severe benzo addiction problems all the time. They come in desperately needing help from the best benzo addiction rehab center southern CA offers to save their lives.

On the surface, any drug doctors prescribe for anxiety issues might seem harmless. Unfortunately, one of the most dangerous properties of benzos is its capacity to create an addiction. It’s difficult for anyone to resist the temptation a sedative creates in the form of euphoria.

Our prescription drug addiction rehab center staff members recognize the delicacy of treating clients who need the medication to which they have an addiction. We pursue the treatment process with the urgency that’s appropriate when a client’s future and perhaps life is at risk.

The Detox Process

When someone with a benzo addiction enters a benzo addiction rehab center, they do so ready to quit using. That’s not an easy process because the clients will have to face withdrawal symptoms. We are talking about symptoms like:

  • Elevated blood pressure
  • Muscle pain and stiffness
  • Anxiety, panic, and irritability
  • Seizures and tremors
  • Sleeping issues
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Nausea and vomiting

The only safe way to get clients past these issues is monitoring their progress. If they begin to exhibit pain issues or discomfort, then it’s nice to have a doctor step in and offer help.

The Therapy Process

The meat and potatoes of benzo addiction treatment are therapy and counseling. The client and their counselors have to work on identifying the causes of the client’s addiction. Failure to reach the core of these issues will then leave the client vulnerable to a history of relapses. Of course, that’s not what a client pays a benzo addiction rehab center southern CA to do.

Therefore, honest and open communication become the order of the day. By talking things out, the client will likely learn the truth about why they abuse any substance. Hopefully, a higher level of self-realization will then lead them to better understand their weaknesses and triggers. From there, it’s a matter of building the right coping skills to stay on the path of recovery.

The Aftercare Process

After completing an intense treatment program, the last thing a client wants is to experience a relapse. That’s why the best benzo addiction rehab center southern CA offers, Phoenix Rising Recovery, also promotes aftercare services. It’s irresponsible to believe an exiting client won’t soon face challenges trying to stay clean.

Some of the best aftercare options include access to 12-Step meetings (AA and NA), sober living homes, and ongoing outpatient counseling. Fortunately, all these options, among others, promote the idea that the client has support resources if they need them.

Phoenix Rising Recovery – Making a Difference

All we really want to do is make a difference in the lives of people who are suffering from addictions. We do not judge. Instead, we use all our resources to develop the best custom addiction treatment programs possible. Our comprehensive list of addiction treatment services includes the following:

The fact you are reading this information indicates there might be an issue. If you are suffering from an addition to benzos, you need to seek help from a reputable benzo addiction rehab center. We hope you know Phoenix Rising Recovery is ready to give you the support you need. All we need to start helping is a phone call from you. The number is 8552328211.