Chemical dependency on heroin is debilitating. It demands your complete attention and focus — very few things outside of it matter. Enrolling at Phoenix Rising’s heroin addiction rehab center can put you back in control of your life.

How Heroin Takes Over

heroin addiction rehab center southern ca heroin addiction rehab programMany people initially try heroin for the euphoric rush. True to its reputation, the drug typically delivers. For a brief few minutes, individuals experience a rush of dopamine that translates into a high. Then, they spend a few hours drifting in and out of consciousness.

Users likely feel relaxed. Because they like the way they felt, they’ll often try doing it again. However, repeated use will often lead to addiction. Therapists at the heroin addiction rehab center Southern CA trust frequently hear about this turning point.

At the residential treatment center, clients repeatedly recount how heroin took over. One day, they awoke to withdrawal symptoms. They would have done anything for the next fix, and it scared them.

At the Phoenix Rising heroin addiction rehab center, we routinely work with people just like you. These are good people who want to regain control of their lives. Our heroin addiction rehab program makes this possible.

How a Stay at an Inpatient Heroin Addiction Rehab Center Could Change Your Life

Recovery begins with detoxification. This is the process that allows you to withdraw from the drug in safety and comfort. Typically, heroin withdrawal is painful. However, it doesn’t have to be.

Medication-assisted treatment at the heroin addiction rehab center Southern CA can count on keeps you comfortable. Similarly, you won’t suffer from dehydration and the other side effects. After about a week, you’ll break the physiological dependency. That’s a huge step.

Next, you begin clinical care. Because you selected a residential stay at our heroin addiction rehab center, you’re not at risk for early relapse. You now collaborate with therapists to define a care protocol. Options include:

  • Trauma informed care, which benefits you when the past presents you with significant triggers for heroin abuse
  • One-on-one talk therapy that encourages you to pinpoint the reasons why you began abusing the drug
  • Dual diagnosis treatment that teaches you to manage underlying mental health disorders
  • Behavioral counseling, which expands your options for coping skills development
  • Experiential therapies that include recreation, psychodrama, and equine therapy

Treatments build one on the next. By experiencing consistent victories during a heroin addiction rehab program, you develop the confidence to keep going. Most importantly, you develop a vision of a drug-free lifestyle. Once you get to this point, you and your therapist collaborate on restructuring your day.

Aftercare Rounds Out Your Stay at the Rehab Facility

Phoenix Rising is the heroin addiction rehab center Southern CA trusts because we offer an aftercare protocol. Remember that recovery is a lifelong process. It’s not something you do while going through the heroin addiction rehab program. Therefore, it’s just as vital to consider what comes after residential care.

Consider signing up for a stay at a sober living facility. It gives you a taste of living independently with a safety net. Some people stay for a while. Others may only stay for a few weeks.

From there, you find local support groups. They encourage peer-to-peer accountability. This step is something for which we prepare you for during your stay at the heroin addiction rehab center. It’s a lot like group therapy, which can be enjoyable. Similarly, it protects your sobriety.

Imagine yourself living a sober life. You don’t have to continue abusing heroin, which has by now lost its appeal. Phoenix Rising operates the heroin addiction rehab center that can make a difference in your life. Find out how you could renew your life by calling 855.232.8211 now.