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As you finally reach the decision to stop using opiates, you should be very proud of yourself. It’s difficult for someone to think past their addiction long enough to see the inevitability of disaster. Still, you need to proceed with caution. Depending on the extent of your opiate addiction, you will likely have to face the requisite opiate withdrawal symptoms. We cannot overemphasize the fact that you will need help to get through the opiate detox process without harm. Let’s explain the process.

About Opiate Withdrawal Symptoms

As clients enter our opiate detox center Palms Springs location, they must first determine the proper course of treatment. When opiates like heroin and fentanyl are the source of the addiction, we immediately proceed with caution. In almost all cases, we will recommend that the client goes through an opiate detox program. We already know the harm that awaits if the detox process goes awry.

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For example, the withdrawal symptoms that come with the sudden cessation of taking opiate drugs are quite significant. In some cases, they can also threaten the individual’s long-term health. Take a look at the following list, you’ll certainly understand the reasons for our concern:

  • Nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting
  • Difficulty breathing and rapid changes in heart rate
  • Severe muscle spasms and cramping
  • Body tremors and convulsions
  • Nightmares and hallucinations

Fentanyl Withdrawal Symptoms

Fentanyl has been in the news recently as a significant health concern. It is similar to morphine, but much more potent, by 50-100 times. Doctors often prescribe fentanyl for patients who have just had surgery and need medication for severe pain management. However, users should be cautious about following the doctor’s orders, and fentanyl is exceptionally addictive. People who have misused fentanyl say that they experienced intense euphoria, and a sense of relaxation similar to the high some get off of heroin. However, this euphoria has a high price because fentanyl depresses the respiratory system to the point where the respiratory system shuts down, leading to a fatal overdose.

When fentanyl leaves your bloodstream, the side effects can be somewhat painful, so it’s essential to get the right treatment.

The withdrawal symptoms can include:

  • Stomach cramps
  • Diarrhea
  • Elevated heart rate
  • Excessive yawning
  • Anxiety
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Pain in your joints or muscles
  • Restlessness

These are only a few of the possible symptoms. Though these symptoms may be painful, they are not life-threatening. However, a detox center can assist with the process and make it more comfortable if necessary.

Heroin Withdrawal Symptoms

Heroin binds to the opioid receptors in your brain and activates them. This activation regulates hormone release, pain receptors, and general feelings of well-being. The opioid receptors are the cause of your euphoric feeling as you do heroin.

There are many more symptoms for heroin withdrawal than there are for fentanyl withdrawal. You may feel pain in your muscles and excessive hunger or fatigue. You may also be unreasonably agitated or irritable. Self-harm and suicidal thoughts are also possible during the withdrawal process. This is one reason that it is a good idea to go to a detox center where medical professionals can monitor your symptoms.

Other symptoms that may require medical supervision include nausea or mental confusion. Delirium, hallucinations, paranoia, and severe anxiety are other concerns. If you choose to stay at home with a loved one, you may become severely dehydrated or delirious. These symptoms can be complicated for your loved ones to treat, and you may not be able to reach the help you need in time. It is better to stay at a detox center like to one at Pheonix Rising to make sure you stay safe during the withdrawal process.

Why Go Through Detox

With such painful symptoms, one may wonder why they would want to go through opiate withdrawal in the first place. However, you must understand that while you struggle with the detox symptoms, you will eventually break through to the other side. Recovery can be a beautiful part of your life, and it is possible, no matter how you may feel when you’re amid withdrawal.

If that doesn’t convince you, remember that every opiate has severe long term health effects. Addiction is a killer, and unless you defeat it by going through detox and withdrawal, it will eventually destroy every part of your life.

What to Expect at Our Opiate Detox Center Palm Springs Location

At all times, our concern will be for the client’s well-being. Many patients enter treatment within a few hours of missing their last injection or pill. Knowing the withdrawal symptoms will begin within the first few hours, we immediately prescribe the proper opiate detox program.

It’s common for clinicians to prescribe a medically-monitored program. The advantage of such a program is it places the client under the direct supervision of the facility’s medical staff. At our opiate detox center Palm Springs facility, we prefer the client to go through withdrawal as naturally as possible. However, our medical staff will be constantly monitoring the client’s progress. Therefore, should they begin to show signs of distress, our doctors have the option to offer prescription medication.

The standard opiate detox program runs about seven days. If the client’s addiction has deep roots, it’s quite possible they will need a “tapering” detox program. This kind of program allows the client to detox at a slower and safer rate to avoid complication.

When the detox process finishes, the client should be ready to move on to an opiate addiction rehab center.

Phoenix Rising Recovery – Serving the Palm Springs Region

Aside from the services we offer at our opiate detox center Palm Springs, we also offer a full menu of addiction counseling services. We have developed our custom treatment programs to address the needs of a wide range of clients. For us, success comes in the form of clients establishing a lasting recovery.

Here’s a partial list of services we also use to deliver that success:

There’s no better time than now to stop using harmful opiate substances. We hope you will allow us to help you through opiate detox and treatment before it’s too late. When you are ready to regain the life you are losing to drugs, please give us a call at 855.376.6151.