If there comes a time that you have to find a rehab program, you may be nervous about sharing your struggles with others. At Phoenix Rising, in Palm Springs, California, we understand that discomfort, so we created a program for you. If you can relate to these feelings, read on to find out more about our women’s rehab program at Phoenix Rising.

What Struggles Do Women Face in Addiction

Women have unique struggles when it comes to addiction. They often self-medicate, using prescription medications to help them get through the day, which eventually leads to addiction. Women also tend to take higher doses of the drug and experience more side effects. 

In addition to the struggles that you are facing as you take drugs, it is also harder for women to quit using drugs or alcohol. If women complete rehab programs, they are also more likely to relapse sporadically. 



Why Do Women Not Seek Treatment

It is often hard to encourage women to seek treatment. A woman may feel a great deal of shame or guilt if she is an addict. She likely won’t tell anyone about her struggles. Perhaps she thinks she’s a terrible person because of her drug abuse problem. Don’t fall into this trap of thinking. You may be making bad decisions, but that doesn’t make you a bad person. It just means that you are suffering from addiction, the way that many other people in the country do. You need help, and we can give it to you if you’ll let us. 

Another reason women do not seek treatment is due to societal pressures. Men usually do not seek treatment because society expects them to be strong and manly. Women often don’t seek treatment for a similar reason: society relies on women to be the backbone of the family unit. The woman is often the one who takes care of the children, who makes sure that everything runs smoothly. If she admits that she has a substance abuse problem, she risks everything. Her partner may not stand by her as she gets treatment. If she is divorced or a single mother, she risks having her children taken away because people view her as an incompetent mother. This fear keeps her paralyzed in addiction.

It is crucial to your health and the health of your family that you do not stay in the shadows of addiction. Treatment can be risky. You may make some mistakes. But that is true with every aspect of life. However, if you can succeed, you will find yourself in a brand new world. You can start over, free of the addiction and pain and all that it has cost you. That hope for the future can be the difference between someone who stays addicted to drugs or alcohol, or someone who breaks free of her chains.

What Makes the Women’s Rehab Program Stand Out?

A woman smiles as she thinks about a Women's Rehab ProgramWhen researching different treatment options, women’s only rehab is not always an option. However, at Phoenix Rising, we want you to be successful in your recovery. We want you to be comfortable. We also want you to learn as much as you can so that your treatment can be successful. By creating a program where your peers are all women, we hope to make your recovery as meaningful and instructive as possible.

A women’s only rehab program is what it sounds like: a recovery program that only has women enrolled. Depending on the program you enter in, you may also only have women as your counselors and instructors. Women have decidedly different struggles than men do, especially when they are in a rehab program. Men and women’s body makeups are inherently distinct, so it follows that the recovery process would also be unique. Consequently, we have built a program devoted to helping you work through the particular aspects that are exclusive to a woman in recovery.

Why Should I Enroll in a Women’s Rehab Program?

There are multiple benefits to enrolling in a program that caters to your gender-specific needs. One such benefit is that a woman may feel more comfortable discussing personal struggles or sensitive information with other women. For instance, if abuse or sexual trauma drives your dependence, a woman may not want to discuss these issues with a mixed group. However, it may be less awkward to share that experience with other women, some of whom may have gone through a similar experience. Additionally, it may be easier for the group to bring those deeply personal issues into focus in a gender-specific group than a mixed group.

A second advantage of a women’s rehab program is that the therapy sessions can focus more specifically on women’s issues. For instance, because women are predisposed to certain mental health disorders, such as depression, treatment can be more focused on dual-diagnosis therapy. These programs can also take a more intense look at the problems women often have with body image or substance abuse disorders. By addressing each part of your diagnosis, you can learn more about your disease. In turn, how to address each of these obstacles.

Finally, women will often take more out of a women’s rehab program than they will out of a non-gender specific treatment program. You will gain skills that you can use to overcome your temptations and avoid relapse. The powers that women need to overcome these obstacles are not the same skills that men need. A women’s rehab program will give you tools that are specific to the struggles you may face. Also, women are more likely to complete the treatment program if they are in a women’s rehab program than if they are in a non-gender specific rehab. Accordingly, to give your self the best shot at recovery, enroll in a women’s rehab center in Palm Springs, California.

What Will I Find at Phoenix Rising?

You will find Phoenix Rising at a four-story ranch in Palm Springs, California. We believe that your physical health and fitness are part of your recovery. Because of this belief, we include an on-site pool, a rec-room, a gym, and a jacuzzi. Our equine therapy program will also help you through your recovery. Furthermore, we offer kosher diets and Shabbat observances if you need them.

Besides those benefits, we offer the following:

Treatment Begins at Phoenix Rising

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