A core part of many addiction treatment programs is sober living homes. The quality of those homes and their relationship with a treatment center are vital parts of the recovery process. When you stay with us at Phoenix Rising, we will make sure that you feel taken care of and held accountable.

What Is a Sober Living Program?

Addiction causes many people to lose control over their lives. Therefore, when it comes to recovery, it is important to provide people with supervision. Separation from your day to day life can also be crucial to long lasting restoration. Sober living addresses both of these needs.

Sober living is an off-site housing complex where people in recovery can live while they go through treatment. There are specific and important rules you must adhere to while staying there. Most notably, there are no drugs, alcohol, or paraphernalia allowed. You are also not allowed to be under the influence at any time.

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These rules are helpful, but what is more helpful is the community of others in recovery. Having a support system and surrounding yourself with people who understand your struggle are both tremendously helpful. Sober living therefore acts as a critical part of partial hospitalization, residential, and sometimes even intensive outpatient programs.

Clients who complete one of our programs can even opt to continue living in sober homes. Our goal is to make sure that you have every tool at your disposal to recover. Phoenix Rising has some of the best sober living homes Palm Springs CA has to offer.

Do I Need Sober Living?

This question is not always answerable before undergoing any treatment. However, there are ways to tell if a sober residence would be a good move. If you feel totally out of control, sober living is a good call. If you are transitioning from a residential program back into “the real world,” sober living may also be a good call.

A sober living dorm does not have the same temptations that normal residencies have. We also provide transportation between our sober living homes and the treatment center. If you are interested in residential treatment or partial hospitalization treatment, then sober living may be right for you. If you are not in one of these programs, sober living also allows you to re-enter your life and job while still having accountability.

Phoenix Rising Amenities

Part of the reason we have some of the best sober living homes Palm Springs has to offer is because of the relationship between our homes and our center. We can supplement your residency with a number of programs and treatment options for you on-site.

We are located on a beautiful and secluded ranch that we offer transportation to. On-site, we offer a pool and jacuzzi. Additionally, we have horses that we utilize in equine therapy along with an in-house gym and a variety of exercise options. We have an accredited and understanding addiction treatment staff.

Phoenix Rising also offers a wide array of substance abuse treatment options. We offer detox; individual, group, family, and music therapy; mindful meditation, and dual diagnosis treatment. Most importantly, we offer an almost unparalleled level of compassion and understanding. A lot of our staff has been exactly where you are right now.

At Phoenix Rising, you can have whatever time you need to recover. We are patient and welcoming. We want to learn about and help you specifically. For more information about Phoenix Rising contact us at 855.232.8211 today! Our team is here to help you begin your journey towards recovery.