At Phoenix Rising in Palm Springs, California, we understand everyone’s journey is stressful enough without adding unnecessary pressure. One of those undesirable strains may be having to share your experiences with people who may have different life struggles than you do. By enrolling in a men’s rehab program, you can bypass that strain. If you are a man looking for a rehab center, then consider checking into the Men’s Rehab Program at Phoenix Rising.

What is a Men’s Rehab Program?

A man smiles as he thinks about going to a men's rehab program. A men’s rehab program at our California facility only accepts men. Your peers will have at least some of the same experiences that you have had. To be clear, this doesn’t necessarily mean that your counselors and instructors will only be men, though it depends on the facility.

Men often have different struggles than women do. This is true in most circumstances, but particularly for treatment. We want you to be able to complete treatment and move on to living your best life. For this reason, we have developed a program dedicated to the unique problems that you may face. This way, you can get the tools you need to succeed. You can also learn how to conquer your stumbling blocks.

What Are the Differences Between The Genders During Each Stage of Addiction? 

There are significant differences in the ways that men and women deal with drugs. There are differences in the way that they become addicted to drugs to the way that they maintain a drug problem to the way the relapse. Men, for instance, are more likely to start taking drugs or alcohol as part of a group. They want to fit in, and they don’t want to look unmanly or weak. As a result, they tend to crumble under the peer pressure if they’re out at a party or a club. Women, on the other hand, are often prescribed medication for anxiety or other mental disorders and end up self-medicating. 

Additionally, the escalation of drugs is different. The process for men becoming addicted takes longer than it does for women. This is true for alcohol, gambling, or drugs. Men also end up becoming addicted at a lower dose than women do, but side effects affect them less frequently. Men also face less of a stigma when they are addicted, perhaps due to society’s general stereotypes of gender roles.  

Sadly, there is also a difference in mortality rates. Men are more than three times more likely to have a health problem caused by a substance abuse addiction. Men are also more likely to die from alcohol use. 

During the withdrawal process, men tend to have more severe symptoms than women, especially from alcohol. Men, however, have lengthier periods of abstinence. Some research indicates that this may be due to men receiving more support from their friends and family or their jobs. Women’s partners tend not to support them in their abstinence at home. 

You should not feel ashamed if this sounds familiar to you. Many men have experienced the same struggles you have. It doesn’t make you weak or unmanly. Seeking treatment can be a life-changing decision, and you will not regret it. If you know you are addicted to drugs or alcohol, you also know you need help. A men’s rehab program could be your best chance for recovery.



Why Do Men Abuse Drugs or Alcohol

Research suggests that men start to abuse drugs or alcohol for a variety of reasons. One, as indicated above, is social. When you’re in college or working a job, most social events involve alcohol. Additionally, due to social stigmas, men are reluctant to talk about their feelings and can turn to an addictive substance to help them cope with new or challenging emotions. 

After you are addicted, you may be reluctant to seek help due to shame or guilt. You may believe that you don’t deserve treatment because you should “be strong enough” not to become addicted. However, let us again assure you that addiction is not your fault. As medical professionals are learning more and more often today, addiction is a disease, just like any other. You wouldn’t consider yourself weak if you had a cold or the flu. You should also not think of yourself as weak for having an addiction. You’re just sick, and there is no shame in that.

What Are Some Advantages to a Men’s Rehab Program?

Though there are countless benefits to a program that only accepts men, here are three reasons to choose our program:

Reasons to choose our program:

  • Overcoming society’s expectations: American culture generally expects men to be strong and heroic, which could lead some to be hesitant to enroll in a rehab program. However, if you are surrounded by men who are also dealing with the same temptations as you are, you may feel more comfortable and more willing to open up. We also believe that this will help lessen the undertone of disapproval associated with rehab.
  • Shared viewpoint: Men have a point of view that is unique to them. Instructors and counselors can use this viewpoint as a teaching tool, which affects treatment and can help you on your road to recovery. This, in turn, leads to a more comfortable environment.
  • Male-centric discussion: Without the addition of the female viewpoint, you can focus on the issues that men alone face. This reduces or completely negates the gender-specific issues traditionally related to women, which in turn allows you to concentrate on the problems faced by men in treatment.

These benefits aside, a man’s body is different than a woman’s, so it, of course, recovers differently. By enrolling in a men’s rehab program, you will be able to focus solely on your recovery. Choose your program based on what you need to seize your recovery!

What is Available at Phoenix Rising?

Located in beautiful Palm Springs, California, our four-story ranch is secluded from the outside world. Here, you can focus on your recovery instead of the external pressures of everyday life. It is also equipped with an in-house pool, gym, rec-room, and a jacuzzi. This allows you to use fitness and physical well-being to bring you closer to recovery.

Most importantly, we offer several rehabilitation programs, including,

Additionally, we want to be sensitive to your cultural and ethnic needs. For this reason, we provide kosher diets and allow Shabbat observances upon your request.

Phoenix Rising, located in scenic Palm Springs, California, offers plenty of services to get you on the road to treatment. Our caring staff will help you start the journey to recovery. For more information, please call 855.232.8211. If you or your loved one needs help, don’t wait! Contact us today!