Recovery from addiction is a journey that never completely “ends.” This doesn’t mean that your recovery can’t be permanent, but that recovery is a path, not a destination. Therefore, it doesn’t make sense for a rehab center to have strict conclusions to their programs. In the spirit of providing a constant support system, Phoenix Rising offers an aftercare program.

What Is an Aftercare Program?

Aftercare is for alumni of our substance abuse treatment programs. There are three main tenets of an aftercare program. The first is our sober living. Sober living housing is a residency that is free of any substances at all. Urinalysis also occurs regularly to help keep the residents accountable.

This is useful for those who are in recovery and want to return to their lives, but are not ready to live alone. For some, this may be a transition. For others, it may be more permanent. Either way, the goal here is accountability and supervision.

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The second part of rehab aftercare is the support groups. These sessions provide you with the therapy and support that you may need to maintain your recovery. These sessions do not require the same level of commitment as residential or outpatient programs. You do not need to show up on scheduled days like with our other treatment programs.

The idea is that our doors are always open to you. Do you require additional support during a trying time? We can help. Have extenuating circumstances made you worry that a relapse might occur? Let us support you.

The third part of our follow up care is that we want to help you get a job if you have lost it due to addiction. We can help make introductions and assure prospective employers that our program will keep you on the right track.

Once you have joined the Phoenix Rising family, you are always a part of that family. Our resources can remain at your disposal for as long as you need them.

Why Is an Aftercare Program So Useful?

After recovery, two main problems seem to plague clients. Firstly, it can be difficult to find a well-paying job. For anyone whose chemical dependency caused them to lose or jeopardize a career, regaining employment can be quite difficult. Perhaps you burned a bridge or perhaps you are considered “high-risk” as an employee.

We want you to know that there is a way to combat this. Our aftercare program can help you maintain focus and productivity. We can meet with prospective employers and assure them that our program will keep you on track. We can help you begin regaining control of your life.

The second problem is finding affordable housing that is also safe. Many of the less expensive housing options you will find are inherently worse for someone in recovery. By offering sober living, we provide you with both a short term and long term option.

The biggest value of our rehab aftercare is the community of like-minded people we provide. While recovery is unique to each person, it is not a journey that you should take alone. Having a support system and community of understanding people can be an enormous blessing.

To learn more about our aftercare program, contact Phoenix Rising Recovery at 855.232.8211 today! Don’t let the end of your primary treatment be the end of our support. We are here to help in the long term. When you come to Phoenix Rising, you become family.